Zesa Travels to Jaipur

July 01, 2015



Our design philosophy is to use indigenous raw materials and techniques to create contemporary designs. When we learned that Jaipur's famous tradition of hand-cutting gemstones dates back to the 18th century, we knew we had to visit!

Jaipur was everything we envisioned and so much more! We watched local craftsmen hand-cut and polish the most gorgeous gemstones we had ever laid eyes on. We walked through rooms and rooms of dazzling emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. We spoke to fourth and fifth generation store owners about where each stone was mined, cut and polished. We learned more about gemstones than we ever thought possible and with all that knowledge, we sourced the most authentic and beautiful gems we could find. Our Summer 2015 collection utilizes those gems to create jewels that are equal parts contemporary and traditional.

Zesa Collection
Zesa Collection