About Zesa


Zesa’s story begins at the heart of the red light districts of India, where approximately 1.2 million girls are physically and emotionally exploited. These children are treated like objects, living lives devoid of love, a sense of well-being, or a means of escape. Due to its unique position as a source, transit and destination country, India is a hub for human trafficking. The anti-trafficking organizations in India have done remarkable work in rescuing and advocating for victims of trafficking. Unfortunately, they struggle to provide the girls in their shelters with traditional schooling due to years of illiteracy and psychological trauma. As a result, when girls leave their shelter homes, many are unable to financially support themselves. In order to combat this issue, we’ve partnered with anti-trafficking organizations across India to provide an alternate education and consequently, transform these girls into strong, independent survivors.

Zesa Model


At Zesa Academy, our girls receive vocational education in jewelry and fabric design, along with a life skills training which includes personal finance, personal healthcare, safety & self-defense and basic English. Upon graduation, our girls receive technical degrees as jewelry or fabric designers, as well as access to recruiting centers and job placement coaches. We've educated over 1000 girls through Zesa Academy.


All graduates of Zesa Academy are eligible to apply to work for Zesa Retail. At Zesa Retail, we sell the unique, handcrafted jewelry and scarves our girls make to retailers and customer across the world. 100% of these profits fund Zesa Academy and salaries for our girls (3x average wage). Zesa Retail employees are also eligible for full-scholarships if they choose to pursue higher education.